Sample essay spm report

Sample essay spm report

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SPM Sample Essay — Report (charity run)

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Purpose — to raise funds for the local orphanage
  • Length / Duration of run
  • Number of participants
  • Winners
  • Incidents — some participants lost their belongings during the event
    — some participants sustained minor injuries

When writing the report, you should remember to:

  • Address your report to the Principal
  • Provide a title
  • Use all the information given
  • Provide two suggestions for next year’s event

To : Encik Abdullah Bakri,
Principal, SMK Bukit Tinggi

Title : Charily Run 2013
SMK Bukit Tinggi annual Charity Run for 2013 was held on 18th September. The event was originally scheduled to start at 6.30 a. m. but the flag-off only took place at 7 a. m. due to the rain. Like the past years, the run started and ended at the school field.

The purpose of this year’s Charity Run is to raise funds for the local orphanage. Participants were charged a RM15 registration fee that includes some mineral water and a t-shirt.

The entire route of the run was 10.5 kilometres. A total of 578 students throughout the school took part in the event. Nur Amalina from Form 5B came out first, followed by Boon Keat from 5A, second and Ganesh Lingam from 4D, third. The winners were presented with medals and hampers by the President of the Parent – Teacher Association, Datuk Rahim Mahmud.

While the event was successfully completed, there were some incidents that occurred during the run. Two participants lost their belongings. Both of them left their bags at the side of the field despite being repeatedly reminded by the organisers not to do so. Participants were advised to leave their belongings in the hall next to the field where there were students on duty. Fortunately, they only lost small amounts of money and some snacks.

Apart from that, some participants also sustained minor injuries. This was due to the fact that they did not do warm-up exercise before running. As a result, they suffered cramps halfway through the run. They were immediately attended to by the medical team on standby and recovered after a short rest.
From this year’s event, it is clear that there are still room for improvement in the organisation of this event. For example, more refreshment stands should be made available throughout the course of the run. This will ensure that participants are well hydrated while running. Besides, more volunteers should be brought in to control and direct traffic where the route meets with the main street. This will ensure the safety of the participants as well as the safety of road users passing by the area.
Reported by,

Organising Committee,
Charity Run 2013,
SMK Bukit Tinggi.

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